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The future of finance is now. Open banking gives individuals custody of their own assets and control over their own financial tools. We have been inspired by the power of credit unions and open banking to bring self-custody of digital assets, online account opening and portable identity, the ability for members to send/receive payment via RTP, all via the first 100% redesigned from the ground up digital wallet and open banking platform, purpose built for Credit Unions.

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    Add our open banking platform to your member experience at no cost to your CU and receive an increased Rev Share!

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    Our platform gives your members easy, low cost access to financial services you never thought your CU could afford.

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58.8 million American adults participate in the Web3 economy. Six in ten (61%) Gen Z and Millennial consumers say they want their bank or credit union to offer Open Banking services. Among Gen X and Boomers who participated in what they considered Open Banking, 78% did it through a fintech that was not connected to their Financial Institution. Nearly 94% of Open Banking users are in the age range of 18-40, with Gen Z (18-24) and Millennials (25-40) making up the majority.

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